Watching an unknown object from far away (Creative Coding-Python)

3D Environment with Sound Design

In this captivating project, my goal was to capture the essence of human social media political expression and transform it into a mesmerizing artwork. To accomplish this, I selected Twitter as the platform to gather people's opinions on the theme of freedom, "Azadi".

At the heart of my visual representation lies a captivating series of 3D-created buildings. Each of these structures is a remarkable visual embodiment of the emotions individuals convey through their tweets. I employed analytical sentiment analysis to translate these emotions into numerical values to add depth and nuance. As a result, the buildings vary in height, with shorter structures indicating a more positive sentiment.

By curating a collection of tweets specifically centered around Freedom that deeply resonates with me, I artistically crafted a cityscape that reflects these expressions. This city becomes a captivating symbol of the collective opinion on the subject matter. Through the transformation of people's expressions into a tangible place, I seek to underscore the significant role that emotions play in shaping our environment. Just as urban spaces inherently mirror social structures.