AR-integrated project

Sound design on 3D enviroment

Step into the world of "1357-1984," a series born from the haunting atmosphere of George Orwell's classic novel, "1984." Through painting, short animations, and cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology, I weave together two narratives, merging the story and the real world into a profound artistic experience.

Drawing inspiration from the book's dark themes, I embarked on a creative journey to highlight the striking similarities between Orwell's dystopian vision and the present gloomy atmosphere in Iran. With animation, I take you on a delicate narrative story that reflects the eerie echoes of our reality.

By incorporating AR, I add a second layer of narration that intertwines with my artwork. The result is a blend of fiction and reality.

As Orwell stated in "1984," "The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake." This quote resonates deeply with our world today, and through "1357-1984," I delve into the essence of power and its consequences, leaving you with a profound understanding of its influence on society.