486, I Start Again (Sound Experiment)

Crowd Simulation with Houdini

Dastgāh-e Chahārgāh, also known as Çahargah in Azerbaijani, is a musical modal system that is an integral part of traditional mugham music and one of the seven Dastgāhs of Persian Music. For me, Dastgahe-e Chahargah is not just epic, but also a source of grief. In the Iranian mythology that I have read, the hero may emerge victorious, but the audience is left with a bittersweet mix of joy and sorrow. The setting of the boundary between Iran and Turan was marked by Arash's arrow, which he launched at the cost of his own life. Kaveh's uprising for justice was successful, but tragically, his sons were killed.
As I struggled to capture the sound or visual form I desired, my nails and hair were short. Eventually, I could bring it to life in an unknown space. This piece is a portrayal of a long and ongoing struggle. It is impossible to determine when it began or when it will end, and people come and go, but someone always continues on this path. It represents a moment of heroism, yet it is tinged with grief, contrary to my desire. That's why I have chosen Chahargah as my inspiration.